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Our 2019 Fall Litter

Labradoodle puppies Denver

Our 2019 Fall Litter Is On The Way!

  • The Sire: Hunter
  • The Dame: Luna
  • Birth Date: Mid September 2019
  • Ready For Adoption: Mid November 2019
  • Accepting Reservations: Immediately 

We are accepting deposits for the choice of the litter coming in May.

We are accepting deposits for a selection from this litter today and some are already sold. These puppies will probably all be sold before they are born.  Reserve Your Puppy >>>

The sire Hunter is approximately 50 lbs and the dam Luna is about 30 lbs. They are both partis so this litter will be all the colors in the rainbow-dark brown, apricot, brown and white, caramel and who knows what else. The puppies should grow to the 30-40 lbs range as adults. See Our Dogs for more info on the parents.

Your deposit will apply to the total purchase price and will assure a selection from this litter. In the unlikely event that we do not produce the puppy you want we will refund the deposit or apply to a future litter at your option.

Please call for additional details or click here to send a deposit.

Our puppies find homes fast, so don't delay!

See Our Puppy Package & Purchase Policies

Dandy Doodles puppy package includes:

  • Micro-ID chip and ready for you to register.
  • Neuter or spay may be taken care of before pup goes home, or breeder pays buyers vet a set capped price of $175.00 to buyers vet on the day pup is spayed or neutered.
  • Veterinary certified two puppy vaccination shots and de-worming.
  • All puppies go to our vets for two full examination and vaccination shots and will be microchipped by our veterinary and you receive signed certifications.
  • A bag of familiar puppy food.
  • A notebook with health scores on your puppies parents, to back up pups health warranty.
  • A list of helpful products to buy and some very good helpful training ideas.
  • If pup is flying home, breeder provides A new airline approved shipping kennel crate that we provide with bedding and a comfort blanket. A special health certificate is given by our vet. Buyer pays $425.00 for airfare cost and for travel cost to the airport, to the breeder in full ( one week) before puppy can fly home.
  • Health certificate by vet for air travel.
  • A comfort blanket and comfort bed.
  • Health warranty outlining many generations of health tested breeding dogs for exceptionally healthy off-spring!. A new fitted harness and leash.
  • We offer extra puppy training for $395.00. Puppy will go to a trainer’s home or maybe a Doodle family home for extra socializing with all ages, night time crate training, helpful potty training, lead training and sit for a treat. If puppy needs to go home after 11 weeks of age, the extra training cost will be included. Ask us about training – booking and availability varies.

I will also create and give to you a special notebook which will include your puppy’s *Vet health certificate of examination, *Family tree Pedigree Chart, * Dam & Sire OFA and Pin Hip records, a written * Two-Year Genetic Health Warranty Guarantee..  We provide a two-year health guarantee against hereditary diseases, which includes hip and elbow dysphasia, with a puppy replacement. Your notebook will also include several pages of relevant information about dog food,  helpful dog products and other info. Notebook is not sent till after your puppy is neutered or spayed and breeder has confirmed invoice from buyer’s vet.

We require a deposit of $500.00 US dollars paid to reserve a choice from a litter due to be born. A deposit of $1000.00. US dollars to secure a puppy from litter already born. A $1500.00 US currency to hold your chosen puppy. All your deposit payment is applied towards your puppy full purchase price of $2900.00. We offer our puppies in the order of confirmation of deposit. Your deposit of $500. is firmly non-refundable, when holding a reservation for non-born pups or holding a puppy for $500. Final payment in US dollars must be received by us and all checks or cashier checks payable to Robert Larson before you take delivery of the puppy and before the airline flight can be scheduled. Buyer is required to prepay puppy airfare and shipping cost of $425.00 (a week ) before puppy flight is booked. We reserve the right to request a notary to review and notarize signed on puppy contract prior to puppy homecoming date and to request a copy of the primary purchaser driver’s license. This is part of our enforcement and legal documentation required in our spay and neuter agreement for all puppies. All our puppies have a firmly enforced mandatory spay/neuter contract or are spayed or neutered prior to homecoming for out of state puppies. If you wish to breed Labradoodles or are a breeder must be clarified and specified in original puppy application, emails and clearly communicated.

” Most important to us… is that our puppies go to their ideal companion & family”
We help with matching a puppy to the proper owners taking into account the puppy’s personality, energy level, size, etc.  Puppies must mature to seven weeks to eight weeks old to be allocated… Most important is that the puppy get their ideal family and you get the ideal puppy personality. 

We allocate puppies due to their temperament testing and personality characteristics. Breeder reserves the right to hold back any pups for breeding program at any time, and or to help with puppy’s allocation to be part of the ideal family adoption. Puppy planned date for homecoming may have to change due to weather, airlines or other factors out of our control.

We give you a larger discount of $400.00 when you adopted a second Doodle,
at any time in the future, you may have a bigger discount when adopting 2 pups at the same time.
*Your reservation deposit of $500. gives you the choice of available pups to be born. If there is not an ideal puppy for you in the litter, you are moved to the top of the next litter waiting list.

OUR GUARANTEE: If you or a member of your family has pet-related allergies, I recommend a multi-generational puppy that has the most potential to be allergy friendly. Very seldom will the coat of a multi-generation Labradoodle puppy be a problem but some people find they are allergic to dog saliva. If, after purchasing a puppy from me you find that it does not work out for you or your family because of allergies, be aware that I will need to be notified within 4 days after delivery of your pup. In this case, you will have to verify the condition with a written statement from your doctor. I will gladly take the puppy back in this situation and you will receive a substantial refund, but I will have to deduct the expenses incurred in the process of prepping/shipping the puppy to you.

* Non-shedding Coat Guarantee Definition – *Webster’s- definition of shedding; to shed a natural growth continually to drop off or fall out, to pour out, give off, always replacing, emit)

Labradoodles will have some very low hair (breakage) loss just as humans have a certain amount of natural hair loss. But that is not shedding.

If at any time your puppy does not work out for you for any other reason, please notify me and I will take the puppy or dog back or help with re-homing. You will be refunded some of your money deducting the reshipping or pickup expenses or other costs and you will receive it only when the puppy is resold. This, however, may not be the full amount of purchase price, as older dogs do not always sell for the same price as a puppy. We request buyers to notify us as soon as possible if pup becomes ill ( especially ) within the first 7 months of adoption. Breeder recommends, to restrict your puppy up-to 12 months of age to physical activity to a reasonable amount, and do not allow the puppy to go up-down stairs, go jogging, hike extremely difficult terrain or hike for an excessive duration and to ever become dehydrated. To do so may cause permanent damage to your puppy-dog.

You may pre-reserve a Puppy with a deposit of $500, and filling out our application. You will then be placed on our priority waiting list for future litters and your ideal lovely Doodle Puppy.

Understanding~ that most important to us… is that the puppies get their ideal family home and the family gets their ideal puppy!

If you pre-reserve a puppy you will then be notified as soon as pregnancy has been confirmed. You will be notified in the order of waiting list when puppies are whelped. Buyers who are on that waiting list will be sent a puppy announcement and pictures. To ensure you will get a puppy, you must fill out our puppy adoption form and place a deposit is required to ensure certain sex, size, and possible other preference. *There is no firm choice in advance or a pick of the litter. All puppies are a pick of the litter for their ideal family. Breeder and family will be helping with each pup’s allocation. We will be sharing updates on your puppies development, coat, and size differences. We send photos and short videos. We will also be sharing most importantly, the puppies personality and energy differences. We recommend the best puppy for you, as to the puppy temperament, energy and personality traits. You may choose to wait for another puppy from other litters (if you wish) if you notify breeder in writing (email) before puppy is 6 or 7 weeks old. When you agree to a particular puppy then additional payment is due. Breeder is held harmless to anything buyer purchases in preparation for pup prior to finalization of the adoption, like fence, crate, food and other supplies. Breeders reserve the right to refuse puppy adoption and refund buyer’s money at any time before buyer takes delivery.

Occasionally we will be able to offer a certain puppy for a reduced rate, or we may have older dogs available, or we may be seeking a nearby guardian home. please contact us to learn details on our Guardian Family Program to place a prized breeding puppy in a specially arranged contract.

About "LUNA"

LUNA - Information coming soon.

ALAA# coming soon...
Coat coming soon...
Color coming soon...
Height coming soon...
Weight coming soon...
Hips coming soon...
Elbows coming soon...
CERF coming soon...
PRA coming soon...

About "HUNTER"

“Tampa Bay’s Heavenly Ho Ho Hunter”

“Photo courtesy of owner: Tracy Wynn of Desert Winds Labradoodles”

HUNTER - Information coming soon.

ALAA# coming soon...
Coat coming soon...
Color coming soon...
Size coming soon...
Hips coming soon...
Elbows coming soon...
CERF coming soon...
PRA coming soon...

Have a question about our current litter?

Have a question about our current litter?