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We have owned many dogs in our lifetimes including Labradors, Shih-Tzus, Golden Retrievers, Brittany Spaniels, St Bernards, and others. They were all great dogs and we have great memories of each of them. We kept hearing great reports about Labradoodles and when our last Brittany left us at age 15, we decided to look into this breed.

One factor was the fact that Labradoodles do not shed, which appealed to Meg. We also liked the size, the versatility of the breed, so we decided to purchase our first Labradoodle. She was a perfect puppy and in a moment of optimism, I decided to name her Perfect.

She has lived up to the name ever since. She is the most affectionate dog we have ever owned always anxious to please and there is nothing she likes better than being close to us. She is happy, active, intelligent, great disposition, gentle, and she always loves to retrieve a ball or anything else we throw and is always looking for ways to play, have fun, and please us.

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