Become A Guardian Parent

Dandy Doodles offers a guardian parent program to dog lovers who qualify. This is a great opportunity to acquire a top quality registered Australian Labradoodle at a highly discounted price. Here are the details:

  1. We place a breeding quality puppy or young dog with you at a highly discounted price.
    The dog will be with you for it’s entire life just as if you had bought the dog as your own pet.
  2. You must have a fenced yard and sufficient space in your home to allow for proper care of the puppies.
  3. You agree to make the dog available for breeding until it reaches 7 years of age. Typically a female will have a litter once a year.
  4. During this time Dandy Doodles will pay all the costs for care of your pet related to the breeding program.
  5. If your dog is a female you will oversee the whelping of the litter. If a male you simply make him available for hookups with a female as needed.
  6. You will care for the puppies until they are approximately 2 months old when they are adopted to new homes.
  7. Dandy Doodles will share some of the proceeds from the sale of the puppies with you. When your female is 7 years old we will retire her from our breeding program and full ownership and title to her will pass to you. 

This is a great opportunity to learn about the whelping process, have the wonderful experience of birthing a litter of puppies, and the fun of helping new buyers select a puppy that is perfect for their life style. Your family will learn first hand about reproduction and have the enjoyment of raising a litter of puppies. In addition your dog will generate income which exceeds the cost of owning and caring for a pet. Instead of being a financial burden on your monthly pet budget your dog will be generating income in excess of the cost for dog food, vet care, etc.

Only the best of the best of our puppies ever become breeding dogs. Your dog will have passed the most rigorous DNA testing to prove its genealogy and that it carries no defective genes.

When your dog reaches age 7 we retire it from our breeding program and full ownership of the dog goes to you.

Call us for details. This may be an experience that your family will cherish forever .

Dandy Doodle’s Guardian Program

If you are a true dog lover and have experience taking care of them ask for our Guardian Program!

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